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Billie Holiday – TL

Listen to Strange Fruit (1939), a protest song in which Billie Holiday, a famous jazz singer, condemned the lynching of black people  in the South of the United States.

In the video, you will see images of the Ku Klux Klan. Learn more about the organization on Wikipedia

Where does the name Ku Klux Klan come from? ( an answer from WikiAnswers)

The name « Ku Klux Klan » was most likely originated from the Greek word « kuklos », meaning circle. Also, « Klan » was considered another version for the word « clan », so the founders of the KKK must have merged these words together to form the name of their organization, « Ku Klux Klan ». All together, the name suggests that the KKK is a circle, or band, of brothers.


(Ceci n’est pas une correction de l’exercice de traduction à faire pour vendredi mais vous pouvez l’utiliser comme point de départ et voir comment vous pouvez l’améliorer!)

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