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A Vine on a House – Terminale

Trumpet Vine Attack 2
Creative Commons License photo credit: ATIS54

a vine = une plante grimpante (signifie aussi: la vigne)

A Vine on a House is a short story written in 1905 by Ambrose Bierce, an American journalist, satirist and short story writer. He was born on June 24, 1842. Nobody knows when he died because he disappeared without a trace while he was in Mexico at the end of the year 1913, witnessing the battles of the Mexican revolution.

Read the short story on Classic Reader. It is short and shouldn’t be too difficult to understand for English learners.You can use an online dictionary, for example Word Reference and you can right click (= faire un clic droit) to open the link in a new tab (= pour ouvrir le lien dans un nouvel onglet) so as to have easy access to the translations you need.

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