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Alfred Hitchcock

Today, there was an Open House Day at the school where I work as an English teacher and I was in charge of showing the computer room to the visitors with one of my colleagues.  Camille, Aurélie and Justine, three of my students, decided to write an article on Alfred Hitchcock. Here it is:

Creative Commons License photo credit: Fire Monkey Fish

Alfred Joseph HITCHCOCK was born in 1899,  in Leytonstone, England.  He’s a very famous director, writer, actor,  script writer and producer. He was nominated for five oscars. He’s nicknamed  » the master of suspense ». He made several movies which mainly deal with mystery cases. He always plays with the point of view of the audience,  dark and light such as in « Psycho » : it creates a specific strange mood. He died in 1980, in Los Angeles.

Here are some of his most famous movies:

Movies in which the scene takes place in England:

Murder (1930)

The thirty-nine steps (1935)

Jamaica inn (1939)

Movies in which the scene takes place in the United States:

Spellbound (1945)

Vertigo (1958)

Psycho (1960)

The birds (1963)

Justine, Aurélie and Camille.

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