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« Let’s all hate Toronto »

Toronto Skyline
Creative Commons License photo credit: Andy.Burgess

Of course, you can well imagine I would never write an article which discredits Canada or Toronto. I have lived and worked in Toronto for a year and visited the city several times as my husband is a Torontonian so I have been able to appreciate all that Toronto has to offer and I am more than ready to defend it!

« Let’s all hate Toronto » is the title of a one-hour film in the form of a road documentary in which you can follow ‘Mr Toronto’ on a tour of Canada. He will try to find out whether Toronto is actually hated by Canadians who don’t live there. It is a tongue-and-cheek (= à prendre au deuxième degré) documentary, don’t take it literally!

Watch it on HotDocs and browse (= parcourez) this website on which you can find documentaries by Canadian filmmakers.

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