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The flags of the British Isles

The Union Jack, the national flag of the United Kingdom:

Union Jack par alexnunez

Photo credit: alexnunez on Flicker.

The flag of England, also known as the St George’s Cross:

England / Inglaterra par LisbonVisitoroto credit: Lisbon Visitor.

The flag of Scotland, also known as the St Andrew’s Cross, or the Saltire:

Scotland (Alba) par FlagsofCelticNations

Photo credit: FlagsofCelticNations

Saint Patrick’s Cross or Saint Patrick’s Saltire:
Information from Wikipedia:

The flag is sometimes considered as a symbol of Ireland or of Saint Patrick, the patron saint of Ireland. The antiquity of the association with Ireland and Saint Patrick has been questioned. The cross was used in the regalia of the Order of Saint Patrick, established in 1783 as the premier chivalric order of the Kingdom of Ireland, and later in the arms and flags of a number of institutions. After the 1800 Act of Union joined Ireland with the Kingdom of Great Britain, the saltire was added to the British flag to form the Union Flag still used by the United Kingdom. Saint Patrick’s Cross is rejected by many Irish nationalists as a British invention. There is no universally accepted flag for the island of Ireland.

Lá Fhéile Pádraig Shona Daoibh! par giveawayboy

Photo credit: giveawayboy.

The Union Jack is made up of the Saint Andrew’s Cross, the Saint George’s Cross and the Saint Patrick’s Cross. As Wales was not a kingdom but a principality, it was not included on the flag.

Union Jack par summoning_ifrit

Photo credit: summoning ifrit.

The flag of Wales, also known as the Red Dragon or Y Ddraig Goch:

Red Dragon - Y Draig Goch par CharlieBrown8989oto credit: CharlieBrown8989.

The Ulster Banner , also known as the Ulster Flag,  the Northern Ireland flag or the Red Hand of Ulster flag, was the flag of the Government of Northern Ireland between 1953 and 1972. It is still used to represent Northern Ireland in some sporting events in which Northern Ireland competes. The Ulster Banner is used within the unionist community, along with the Union Jack.

Ulster / Northern Ireland / Irlanda do Norte par LisbonVisitor

Photo credit: LisbonVisitor.

The flag of the Republic of Ireland:

The flag of Cornwall: Saint Piran’s flag

Map of England and Cornwall:

Flag of Jersey:

The flag of Guernsey:

The flag of the Isle of Man:

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