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Les synonymes de good, bad, interesting, important

Par quels mots peut-on remplacer ‘good’, ‘bad’, ‘interesting’, ‘important’ dans les sujets d’expression écrite? Voici quelques synonymes que vous pouvez utiliser (attention, chaque mot a sa nuance, on ne les emploie pas dans les mêmes contextes):

GOOD: excellent, hard-working, thrilling, fine, positive, proper, appropriate, convenient, desirable, efficient, first-class, first-rate, fit, genuine, satisfactory, suitable, sound, workable, attractive.

BAD: unacceptable, unsuitable, undesirable, absurd, appalling, awkward, criminal, defective, evil, false, foolish, groundless, harmful, second-class, second-rate, unfortunate, serious, useless, hopeless, critical.

INTERESTING: captivating, curious, exciting, fascinating, provocative, stimulating, thought-provoking.

IMPORTANT: major, significant, decisive, consequential, crucial, essential, of substance, paramount, capital, impressive.

BIG: huge, tall, large, enormous, high, gigantic, great, immense, vast, sizeable.

NICE: friendly, lovely, beautiful, kind, attractive, charming, delightful, likeable, pleasant.

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