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The Help / La Couleur des Sentiments

lundi, octobre 31st, 2011

Retrouvez l’article que j’avais précédemment publié en cliquant ICI.

The Tell-Tale Heart

jeudi, octobre 13th, 2011

A Hong Kong student redesigns the Apple logo as a tribute to Steve Jobs

dimanche, octobre 9th, 2011

Click HERE to read an article on the Hong Kong student who invented this new apple logo.

Theo Jansen: a kinetic sculptor

samedi, octobre 8th, 2011

Kinetic sculpture is sculpture which contains parts which move. Here is an example with the art of Theo Jansen, a Dutch kinetic sculptor.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube


Protégé : Web search on Gothic literature-answers

mercredi, octobre 5th, 2011

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Washington DC: the photo of the week

dimanche, octobre 2nd, 2011

A worker prepares rappelling lines at the top of the Washington Monument as engineers prepare to inspect the 555-foot (170-metre) monument to assess damage from the rare 5.8-magnitude earthquake and storms that struck the U.S. capital last month.

The photo and its caption come from this website.

Here are two more photos of the Washington Monument:

To learn more about the Washington Monument: click HERE and/or watch this video:

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

20 Books Every ‘Tween and Teen Should Read Before They Hit 16

samedi, octobre 1st, 2011

This list of twenty books was put together by ‘Canadian Family’: click HERE to have a look at it.

Tween is preadolescence, the stage between a child and a teenager (between 10 and 12 years old).

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