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A Year in New York

vendredi, décembre 30th, 2011
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Bill Cosby and the Southern accent

vendredi, décembre 30th, 2011
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Happy holidays

vendredi, décembre 23rd, 2011

French pioneers in America: a chronology

jeudi, décembre 22nd, 2011

Click HERE to read the article written with Morgan (1ES) , Philippe (1ES) and Anaïs (1STG).

Black bear found in a rubbish collection truck in Vancouver

mercredi, décembre 14th, 2011

Black bear in Vancouver

Read the article on the website of the Star: click HERE.

Watch a video on this story on the website of The Guardian: click HERE.

Ellis Island and Angel Island: web search-Terminale

lundi, décembre 12th, 2011

Click on the following websites to answer the questions on your worksheets:

I- Ellis Island:

II- Angel Island:

First website:

Second website:

Ellis Island: a web search – seconde

vendredi, décembre 9th, 2011

Immigration: Stories Of Yesterday And Today Home

Answer the questions on your worksheets. Click HERE to have access to the website.

The War of the Worlds

mardi, décembre 6th, 2011

Forbidden Planet (1956)
Creative Commons License photo credit: Dallas1200am

On October 30, 1938, Orson Welles and his theatre group performed a radio play based on a science fiction novel: The War of the Worlds by H.G. Wells. The 60-minute broadcast consisted in a series of news bulletins which announced that a meteorite had crashed on a New Jersey farm and New York was under attack by Martians, creating panick among the listeners. The programme’s news-bulletin format was highly criticized but the episode launched Orson Welles to fame.

Watch this documentary in which you will hear some extracts from Orson Welles’ radio play:

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On this link, you will see the cover of the New York Times which was published the day after Orson Welles spread all that panic, the complete article which was published on that day and a link to the script of the radio play.

Improve your English pronunciation

jeudi, décembre 1st, 2011

Practise your English pronunciation with videos, quizzes and downloads on the website of the BBC: click HERE.

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