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L’infinitif, la base verbale et le gérondif

infinitive or verb +ing  [NEFpre-int] 5b par kamil.kazmierski

photo credit: kamil.kazmierski.

Quand doit-on mettre un verbe à l’infinitif (= to + verbe, par exemple ‘to do’), à la base verbale (= l’infinitif sans ‘to’, par exemple ‘do’) ou au gérondif (= verbe + ing, par exemple ‘doing’)?

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Infinitif, base verbale ou gérondif ?

1-      Remember (switch off) the lights when you leave.

2-      As a child, I dreamt of (travel) around the world in a boat.

3-      Will you get used (sleep) on the sofa ?

4-      (Be) two hours late was the worst thing that could happen.

5-      My parents decided (move) to South Africa when I was 8.

6-      I’d rather (read – not) my name in the newspapers.

7-      We’re looking forward (see) you again.

8-      She took another road (avoid) the traffic jam (=embouteillage). [pour éviter…]

9-      The police made them (stop).

10-  What he said was impossible (understand).

11-  She loves (watch) old black and white movies.


1-      Remember to switch off the lights when you leave. (action future)

2-      As a child, I dreamt of travelling around the world in a boat. (-ing après une préposition)

3-      Will you get used to sleeping on the sofa ? (be used to + ing)

4-      Being two hours late was the worst thing that could happen. (le verbe est sujet)

5-      My parents decided to move to South Africa when I was 8. (infinitif après les verbes de volonté, désir)

6-      I’d rather not read my name in the newspapers. (base verbale après I’d rather)

7-      We’re looking forward to seeing you again. (to look forward to + ing)

8-      She took another road to avoid the traffic jam (=embouteillage). (expression du but)

9-      The police made them stop(base verbale après make)

10-  What he said was impossible to understand(infinitif avec to en complément d’adjectif)

11-  She loves watching old black and white movies. (action déjà réalisée)

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