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Washington travelogue


Whew!  That 6 hour flight from Newark to Washington is extremely long and cramped.  It’s amazing how you can leave at 7:30 am and still be in Seattle before noon!  
I got myself through the baggage claim and rental car with minimum of fuss and headed off toward Tacoma, lunch, and Port Defiance State Park.  The day was crystal clear, and Mount Rainier loomed fantastically on the horizon as I drove south.  I love a place with snow-capped mountains, and I was already loving Washington! 
I grabbed some lunch – even though my East Coast body insisted it was an afternoon snack, and headed to the park, of which I had heard great things.  For a wonder, the guide books had not exaggerated.  Port Defiance in springtime was full of miniature wild daisies in the grass, showy rhododendrons, pebble beaches full of driftwood overlooking the Puget Sound, Japanese and Rose Gardens, a Zoo, and Fort Nisqually.

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