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Welcome to the « dead of winter » in Toronto

If you average out 75 years of Toronto weather data, you’ll make the awful discovery that the coldest part of the year starts Wednesday, which might explain Tuesday’s extreme cold weather alert.

According to Environment Canada’s records, from Jan. 21 until Jan. 30, the average minimum temperature is -10.9C, making it what their senior meteorologist David Phillips calls ‘the dead of winter.’ It’s the coldest period of the year and only after Jan. 30 does the average temperatures start to climb. Unfortunately, climbing out of this meteorological ice tomb takes time. The average low is below minus -10C until Feb.15th.

The hottest time of the year, let’s call it the ‘dog-days of summer’ are 181 days away. On July 7th, the average high is 27.1C. What a dream.

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