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A web search on Gothic literature

Web search on Gothic literature: links to useful websites




Caspar David Friedrich, A Walk at Dusk, 1835

The Bard, John Martin, 1817.

Cloister Cemetery in the Snow, Caspar David Fredrich, 1817-1819.

Web search on Gothic literature

Website n°1 :

I- 1- Who were the Goths originally ?

2- What did Gothic literature get its name from?

II- 3- During which period was Gothic literature at its peak?

4- Name a present-day writer who uses Gothic elements.

5- Which atmosphere can you find in Gothic novels?

6- What is the archetype of the Gothic hero?


Website n°2:

7- What was the first Gothic novel entitled? Who wrote it? When?

8- What is the typical setting of a Gothic novel?

9- What type of women can you find in Gothic novels?


Website n°3:

10- What typical motifs can you find in Gothic stories?



11- Choose one of the paintings under the list of websites and identify the Gothic elements present in this painting.


12- Here are some of the most famous Gothic novels. Find out the name of their author and when they were written:

a- Frankenstein:

b- Wuthering Heights:

c- Dracula:

d- The picture of Dorian Gray:

e- Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde:

f- The Fall of the House Usher:

g- The Monk:

h- The Mysteries of Udolpho:

13- Here is the photo of one of the authors you mentioned in exercise 12. Find out who he is, what his nationality is, when he was born and when he died.

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