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The history of the Statue of Liberty

lundi, janvier 30th, 2017

Vous pouvez vous entraîner sur le document de 0:20 à 1:47:


The history of Halloween

lundi, octobre 31st, 2016


Watch more videos on Halloween on History: click HERE.

The Friendship Nine

jeudi, janvier 29th, 2015

A judge exonerated « The Friendship Nine » 54 years after the civil rights protesters were arrested for sitting at a whites-only lunch counter in the segregated south.


The rights of women

vendredi, janvier 23rd, 2015

The real story behind Plymouth Rock

jeudi, janvier 22nd, 2015

Plymouth Rock

Even though its historical provenance is dubious, Plymouth Rock has had a tumultuous history all its own. After emerging as a colonial symbol of liberty, the stone has been moved from place to place, split it two and whittled away at by souvenir hunters. Still, the Pilgrims’ purported landing place endures. Explore the real history of Plymouth Rock on the website History: click HERE.

The 50 American states

dimanche, janvier 4th, 2015

Look at this map of the United States:

Map of United States

If you are given the name of a state, can you place it on the map? Click HERE!

If you feel confident and would like to try a more difficult game, click HERE.

Now, can you name all the states in less than 10 minutes? Click HERE and give it a try!

Learn more about the 50 states on these websites:




US Time Zones

dimanche, janvier 4th, 2015


The regions of the United States

dimanche, janvier 4th, 2015

Western American states

dimanche, janvier 4th, 2015

Regional definitions vary from source to source. As defined by the Census Bureau, the Western United States include 13 states: Alaska, Arizona, California, Colorado, Hawaï, Idaho, Montana, Nevada, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, Washington and Wyoming. In turn, this region is sub-divided into Mountain and Pacific areas. 

What is Boxing Day?

vendredi, décembre 26th, 2014