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Rock-Paper-Scissors: You vs. the Computer

Samedi, avril 14th, 2012

File:Rock paper scissors.jpg

On the website of the New York Times, you can test your strategy in this famous hand game against a computer. After a few rounds, you can click on ‘See What the Computer is Thinking’ to see its strategy. Click HERE.

Bill Cosby and the Southern accent

Vendredi, décembre 30th, 2011
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Anglo-EU Translation Guide

Dimanche, novembre 6th, 2011

I found this ‘Translation Guide’ on Language Log where you can also read an article mentioning its source: click HERE to read the article on their website.

Disney’s Desperate Housewives

Mardi, novembre 1st, 2011

Back to school

Vendredi, septembre 9th, 2011

Photo credit: CRDP de Bourgogne.

To wean =click HERE.

The Blackberry Sketch

Jeudi, août 4th, 2011

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Word games

Samedi, avril 9th, 2011

Si vous avez une certaine maîtrise du vocabulaire anglais, essayez-vous aux jeux de mots suivants. Si on vous demande de télécharger, cliquez sur ‘Maybe later’ pour avoir accès aux jeux.

Jig Words

Flip Words

Word search

Just for fun: a collection of student howlers

Samedi, mai 29th, 2010

Here are a few examples of student howlers from Richard Benson’s book: F In Exams: The Best Test Paper Blunders.

(a blunder = une bourde, une gaffe; a collection of howlers = un bêtisier)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

photo credits: twitocalypse on Flicker.

(‘nitrate’ sounds like ‘night rate’ = le tarif de nuit)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(a seal = un phoque)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(‘varicose’ or ‘very close’?)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(achievement = réussite, prouesse, exploit)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

( a dam = un barrage; a dame = une dame)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(press a de nombreux sens dont la presse ou alors repasser; to iron = repasser)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

( a mast = un pylône)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(Hadrian’s Wall = le mur d’Hadrien, un mur construit par les Romains au nord de l’Angleterre pour protéger le sud de l’île de l’attaque des Ecossais)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(the speedometer = le compteur de vitesse)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

( a power line = une ligne à haute tension)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(adultery = l’adultère ; l’âge adulte = adulthood)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

(to attempt = essayer; the underworld = les enfers)

Student Howlers par Twitocalypse

Just for fun: British humour on the General Election

Lundi, mai 3rd, 2010

Number 10 door - high res
Creative Commons License photo credit: Downing Street

Have a look at Downing Street Fighter, based on  Street Fighter.

Here is how the game is described on the site:

Downing Street Fighter is based on the classic favourite, Street Fighter. […] Much like the original Street Fighter, you literally have to fight a series of enemies one after the other until you ultimately triumph as the winner.[…] Each character has a different special move for you to use and there are also bonus levels. If you want to triumph though, you will need to get past the big boss character – the Blair Witch. A cross between Margaret Thatcher and Tony Blair, there has never been anything quite so frightening on the British political scene.
The reason why T-Enterprise built this game was to attempt to generate interest in the General Elections at a time when political apathy is at an all time high and the country is seriously struggling to regain some sort of equilibrium. This election is one of the most important in recent history so we decided to do our bit to raise awareness via what we do best – by building fun games.  Downing Street Fighter is completely unbiased as the three main characters are balanced in terms of their abilities so you simply have to choose the one you want to win. It is therefore only a political tool as far as its use to promote the election is concerned rather than favouring any particular party.

Just for fun: the Remember Song

Dimanche, mai 2nd, 2010

What is this song about? Sorry, I can’t remember!

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