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Entraînement sur document audio: the system of racial inequity

lundi, janvier 30th, 2017

Vous pouvez vous entraîner sur ce document de 0:07 à 1:37.

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Bowling for Columbine – a brief history of America

dimanche, janvier 24th, 2016
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Epreuve d’expression orale d’anglais au baccalauréat

mercredi, octobre 7th, 2015
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The CEO is highlighting an important point about money and happiness

lundi, avril 20th, 2015

dan price

Dan Price, CEO of Gravity payments, announced this week that he’s raising the minimum salary at his 120-person company to $70,000 a year, the New York Times reports.

To do this, he’s cutting his own nearly $1 million annual pay to $70,000, as well.

For contrast, federal minimum wage in the US is $7.25 an hour, which comes out to about $15,000 a year for someone working a typical 40-hour week. Seattle, where Gravity Payments is based, started phasing in a minimum wage of $15 an hour in early April.

Price is being widely lauded for his decision not only because it’s a feel-good story that makes him seem like an awesome guy and desirable boss, but also because most CEOs cling tightly to their pay — which has risen steadily over the years. By some estimates, CEOs in the US make 354 times as much as their average employees.

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Victory! How Student Protests Led To The Removal Of Cecil Rhodes’ Statue

lundi, avril 20th, 2015

Victory! How Student Protests Led To The Removal Of Cecil Rhodes’ Statue

Students at the University of Cape Town, South Africa protested the presence of a statue of Cecil Rhodes last month by throwing human excrement over it and sent shockwaves across the nation, mobilizing racial dialog.

Now those same students are celebrating the removal of the statue of this British colonialist.

Onlookers applauded on April 9 as the bronze statue was removed from South Africa’s oldest university after a month of student demonstrations against this symbol of white oppression. Some students jumped on the statue, hitting it with sticks and covering its face with plastic.

“It marks a significant shift …..where the country deals with its ugly past in a positive and constructive way,” said Sandile Memela, government spokesman for the arts and culture ministry.

The monument had been in place since 1934, to honor the fact that Cecil John Rhodes had donated the land for the university.

Who Was Rhodes?

Cecil John Rhodes was born in 1853, the son of a clergyman, in the small English town of Bishop’s Stortford. He became sick shortly after leaving high school, and so his father decided he should visit his brother in South Africa, both for his health and because the business opportunities were better there than in England. From this unremarkable beginning, Rhodes founded the De Beers diamond empire, became one of the world”s wealthiest men and rose to be premier of Cape Colony in 1890.

Rhodes believed firmly that the white British were superior to all other races in the world; true to this belief, he began the policy of enforced racial segregation in South Africa, later known as apartheid. His belief in the racial superiority of the British allowed him to treat his employees unscrupulously, cheating them out of land and wages.

The mining magnate died in 1902, aged 49, and was buried in the country that bore his name, Rhodesia, now Zimbabwe.

So yes, this statue had to go.

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Let’s make a deal!

dimanche, janvier 4th, 2015

Bac- expression orale: listes de vocabulaire pour les 4 notions

vendredi, mai 2nd, 2014

Retrouvez sur le site Franglish des listes de vocabulaire pour vous aider à définir les quatre notions au programme. N’oubliez pas de cliquer sur les mots anglais pour entendre leur prononciation:

Mythes et héros: cliquez ICI

L’idée de progrès: cliquez ICI

Lieux et formes de pouvoir: cliquez ICI

Espaces et échanges: cliquez ICI

Bac anglais: l’épreuve d’expression orale sur les 4 notions du programme

dimanche, mars 30th, 2014

Allez voir cet excellent site appelé « Anglais pour le BAC » sur lequel vous retrouverez des définitions pour les quatre notions, un article particulièrement intéressant intitulé: « Les questions à l’épreuve d’expression orale »  et des exemples pour illustrer les quatre notions du programme. Vous avez déjà travaillé sur des documents et des problématiques en classe que vous maîtrisez bien, mais je vous engage également à regarder d’autres exemples d’illustration des différentes notions. Attention cependant le jour de l’oral à ne pas mentionner d’exemples sur lesquels vous ne connaissez que très peu de choses et que vous ne maîtrisez pas, privilégiez ce que vous avez fait en classe pour être sûrs de pouvoir parler en détail de ce que vous avez choisi pour illustrer les différentes notions.

Vous trouverez également des articles pour les autres compétences évaluées au baccalauréat.

Pour avoir accès au site, cliquez ICI.

Pirate radios of the sixties

mardi, mars 25th, 2014

Watch the trailer of « The Boat That Rocked »:

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Folk singer Pete Seeger dies at age 94

mardi, janvier 28th, 2014
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