Friday, May 27th 3eme New York Ellis Island

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1860 1890 more than 14 million immigrants came to the USA

They came from England, Ireland, Scandinavian countries  ( Sweden Norway, Finland, Denmark )


Looking for a better life, to climb up the social ladder

They represented the first largest wave of immigration

At the end of the 19th C , there is a second wave of immigration

The voyage took 14 days

When they arrived on Ellis Island, they were inspected : a medical one and a legal one.

If the emigrant was in good conditions and had his ID papers in order, it lasted 3 or 4 hours.Only 2 per cent were excluded.

1907 a peak in immigration : 1.25

Ellis closed In 1954 and opened in 1892 more than 12 million immigrant went through ElLis Island

Today, it is a museum


Immigrants were looking for a better life , they wanted to experience the American Dream<;




The Netherlands


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