6ème D et F workbook page 14

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What’s his name ?

Family name = last name = surname

Un surnom = a nickname

What is his nationality? He is Argentinian.

When was he born? He was born on June 24th 1987

He was born in June.

in + mois    /    on + date complete

1987 : nineteen eighty seven

How  old  is he ? He is 29 years old.

What’s his job/ activity ?  playing football.

Ordinal numbers

The first 1st                                                      the twelfth

The second 2nd                                                          the thirteenth        

The third 3rd                                                                                                     

The fourth 4th

The fifth 5th                                                     the fifteenth

The sixth

The seventh                                                    the seventeenth

The eighth


The ninth

The tenth

The eleventh                                                  the twenty-first


The twenty-second   the twenty-fourth  the twenty-eighth

The thirtieth   the thirty-first

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