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Copy the following text which gives a definition of ‘Gothic fiction’. Underline the key elements of a Gothic story.


Prominent features of Gothic fiction include terror (both psychological and physical), mystery, the supernatural, ghosts, haunted houses, castles, darkness, death, decay, doubles, madness, secrets and hereditary curses. The typical characters of Gothic fiction include tyrants, villains, bandits, maniacs, persecuted maidens, femmes fatales, madwomen, magicians, vampires, werewolves, monsters, demons, revenants, ghosts, perambulating skeletons and the Devil himself.

The term “Gothic” was used precisely because the genre dealt with emotional extremes and dark themes, and was often set in the buildings of this style (castles, mansions, and monasteries, often isolated, crumbling, and ruined).

Who was Vincent Price ? Check out here 

script Vincent : read  after watching the video !! Don’t print it , I have one copy for you.

Watch the video ( narrated by Vincent Price himself !! )and write down in your notebook about :

: what is « gothic » about the setting, the atmosphere, the music  ( see def above )

There are 2 Vincents : what can you say about Vincent , the little boy and Vincent whose hero is Vincent Price?


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