LLCE Tle Friday,September 25th Opposing the Iron Lady

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HOMEWORK Monday,September 28th

Translation : book page 117

Read the extract in the book page 113, analyse the character’s feeling.Answer the questions  WHO/ WHERE/WHAT/WHEN

What does he say about Margaret Thatcher ? Link it with what people say in the video below.

Margaret Thatcher and the pit strike in Yorkshire   : article and video










Pride : The true story  :When miners and gay activists united: the real story of the film Pride, The Gardian

EXTRA READING  (optionnal yet advised, can be done later  ) : book page 114 :Ken Loach’s ‘Sorry We missed You’

FINAL TASK  : for Monday, October 5TH

choose and  present a piece of art to defend a cause of your choice


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