Christmas ads 2018

7 12 2019


4 12 2019

ETLV Wednesday ,December 4th

4 12 2019

The first chorus is the way the singer saw life as a little boy, he was happy, playing outside, free.

« They » refers to his parents ,, who sent him to school, probably a boarding school ( a school where you sleep during the week and you coma back home at weekends ) The use of « but » shows the end of happy, innocent childhood.

The adjectives he uses are not supposed to be negatives. And , he uses them in a neative way, showing how school was a bad experience for him. Don’t forget the singer was born in 1950 , school was very different then ! )

Form him, it is the loss ( perte) of freedom, of innoncence. He has to behave like an adult, to be responsible and he doesn’t want to.

All the adjectives he used , is what an adult is supposed to be and this is somethng he refuses.


Concernant la vidéo dont je vous ai parlé , je la mets sur ecole directe , cahier de texte de mercredi prochain



Christmas is coming ! British ads

4 12 2019






Christmas is coming: John Lewis ad

30 11 2019

ETLV Wednesday, November 27th

27 11 2019

Here is the lesson on the video

Supertramp : complete the lyrics in your worksheet


1ère ETLV Wednesday, November 20th

20 11 2019


Pour mercredi 27 : regarde la vidéo suivante

Answer the following questions in your notebook

1.What is the problem with gender specific toys ?    Give examples of such toys

2. What is the concept of « gender roles » ?

3. In eraly childhoo : how do gender role affect children?

4. Who are « educators » ?

5.What should/can educator do ?



ETLV , Wednesday,November 13th The agents of socialization

13 11 2019

Voici la leçon à compléter,je vous imprime le document demain et vous le ferai parvenir en cours.


Leçon à apprendre bien sur ! Ex : You must learn your lesson ! 😉


Prepositions in /on / at

9 11 2019

1ère ETLV The agents of socialization

6 11 2019

HOMEWORK : you have to finish answering the questions for Wednesday 13th

Here is a quizlet with the words written on the board

Here is the video and the questions .

In case the site doesn’t work  :

Questions :

What does « peer » mean ? Illustrate