Watch the videos and do the following activities

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

What type of video is it? Where does the scene take place? When could it be? What is the product advertised?

Then describe the action with as many detaisl as possible  in your own words. You can use an online dictionary http://wordreference.com/

Then work on the lyrics of the  song.

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

after describe what happens in between the concert scenes.

Then work form the worksheet I gave you. Listen to the song and fill in the blanks.

Watch the last video and work on the worksheet






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the posts will be back in September….

Enjoy your summer time !


Dc comics are 75 years old!

Who is your favourite super hero?

Do you know anything about DC comics? what ‘DC’ stands for? You can find the answer here:


watch this superman cartoon. Click below:


And then sum up the story in your own words.

Enjoy it!


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Bonjour à tous,

Juste un petit mot pour vous souhaiter à tous de très bonnes vacances. Je fais une petite pause et je reprendrai les articles mi septembre. Si vous avez des questions, des idées, des besoins, envoyez-moi un mail à [email protected]

il y aura de nouveaux articles et de nouvelles rubriques dès Septembre.

Profitez bien de vos vacances et à bientôt de visu ou par mail.

Merci à tous les visiteurs et aux commentaires et mails reçus

A bientôt


hello to you all

this is the beginning a new series entitled « what do you know about? »

The objective is to learn some vocabulary or civilisation elements and then to verify/test what you have learnt.

Number 1 in this series is the kitchen: how many elements can you name?


Need some help? Click on the following picture for some help.

What do you about kitchen

Then last but not least, do you want to check if you know how to pronounce and write them? Click on the following link to check pronunciation and spelling.


Have fun


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