Reading a job ad can be very tricky.

Today we will see how to analyse a job ad.

1st step go to one of those links and choose a job ad.

Then following the grid, analyse it. Last write a cover(ing) letter for this job ad.

Then send your CV and your cover letter to apply for the job advertised.

If you still have questions, send me an email at [email protected]

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Hi there

Some really interesting and useful links with information on how to apply for a job:


The purpose of a CV is to market yourself to an employer and gain an interview.

  • Creating CVs – identifying the key requirements, your relevant skills, and choosing the appropriate format
  • Chronological CV – listing your details using headings, in reverse chronological order
  • Skills-based or functional CV – emphasising your skills and personal qualities
  • Improving a CV – giving your CV a face lift, with examples to illustrate how to improve a CV


Depending on the organisation(s) you are applying to you will come across a number of application and assessment methods.


An interview format can be one to one, or there may be second or third interviewers in the form of a panel.



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