Here is another short but interesting video from Reuters.

« Nov 11/08 – Svetlana Pankratova from Russia walks into the Guinness World Records book with 132 centimetres (51.9 inch) long legs.

« Queen of the Longest Legs » helped kick off Guinness World Records Day in New York’s Times Square on Monday (November 10).

Pankratova’s photo op is part of the runup to the records day, which this year is on November 13th, when more than 200,000 people from all over the world will display their unusual attributes and talents. »

I will son post a worksheet.



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Here is a very interesting video taken from Reuters dated November, 30th 2008.

« Nov. 30 – An Indonesian baker hopes to take the title of the world’s tallest cake with a Christmassy confection in Jakarta.

Indonesia is a mostly Muslim country. But that hasn’t stopped Indonesian baker Nila Sari from creating what she hopes will be a Guinness World Record-breaking edible Christmas tree which is intended to herald the festive season and year-end shopping binge in Jakarta. »

First observe the title: the world’s tallest cake. What do you notice?How is formed? Then watch the video and download the following grammar worksheet.


Now watch the video again, print the worksheet and work on it.




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