Reading a job ad can be very tricky.

Today we will see how to analyse a job ad.

1st step go to one of those links and choose a job ad.

Then following the grid, analyse it. Last write a cover(ing) letter for this job ad.

Then send your CV and your cover letter to apply for the job advertised.

If you still have questions, send me an email at [email protected]

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The Standard Application Form is a comprehensive way of applying for a job/ position. It replaces both the CV and the cover letter.

Download the form below and start filling it in with as many details as possible. Be as honest as possible.

You can use an online dictionary for help:

and if there are sections you do not understand,

[email protected]

Standard Application Form

I will post detailed information of each section as soon as possible.

Here is an interesting link on the part entitled « driving licence ».

And the full driving licence!


Have fun.


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