12 05 2012


wandering jew,damned jew

and no words on them are forbidden

suspected of crimes and treason

they have been put in jail

they have been tortured and murdered

in the name of an insane idea

and now – more than ever –

who is next, please ?

Jan Theuninck

« Shoa »

juif errant, juif maudit
et nul mot sur eux est interdit
traités de crimes et de trahisons
ils ont été mis en prison

on les a torturés et tués
au nom d’une infâme idée
et maintenant plus que jamais
a qui le tour s’il vous plaît?

Jan Theuninck  was born in Belgium in 1954 where he lives and works as painter and poet; autodidact, he is an abstract artist, active in different substyles; painted in acrylic on canvas, most of his work is based on his social and political convictions (polsoc art); e.g. « white niggers » / « homo multiculturalisT. » / « beyond the limit »/ The Holocaust….


HOLOCAUST 2003 by Jan Theuninck



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