The American Way – Norman Rockwell

This document is a painting who drew by Norman Rockwell in 1944. This document entitled The American Way. The artist has used oil painting. In this painting we can see two people. On the right we can see a person, surely a soldier and on the left we can see a little girls. In the bottom right-land corner we can see a machine gun. The machine gun is at the foot of the soldier. The soldier is the process of feeding to the little girls. I think the people are in cellar or in the old house who was destroyed. In the 1944, it’s the end of the second world warm, so this painting talks about it. The painting is divided into two parts. On the left , it’s the first part, it’s the girls who denounce the place because due to warm, many people died or disapeare for example the parents of the young children so maybe this girls lost her parents. And the second part,on the right, it’sthe soldier who can help the girls ; so it’s a contrast beacause in the warm the soldier killed a people everyay during the warm and some with pleasure. So he has a heart of stone but in this painting he help a girls, he help the girls to eat so it’s a good opposition. Me, I think this painting represent the good soldier because he help a girls who represent the nation’s civilian and he is not afraid to die for his country.

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