2009-2010 – Our Trip to Rome

Un grand merci aux deux Fanny  de la classe de 5e 4 qui ont ensemble transcrit le

compte-rendu du voyage à Rome effectué par les classes de 5e 1 et 5e 4. Bravo à

tous et à toutes !

When did you go to Rome ?

We went to Rome on Friday, April 23rd at 5:00 pm.

How many pupils went to Rome ?

Fifty seven of us took the coach + four teachers.

How long did you stay there ?

We stayed in Rome until Wednesday April 28 th.

What was your itinerary ?

We headed south to Luzerne, then we drove through to Milano

and continued on to Bologna ;  we arrived at Rome at 8:00 am.

How long did it take you to arrive there ?

The journey lasted fifteen hours.

Did you sleep well on the bus and was the journey tiring ?

No, we didn’t sleep on the coach. The journey was tiring.

Did you sleep in Rome or close to  Rome ?

We  slept close to Rome.

How many pupils were there per family ?

There were one to four pupils per family.

Was is hot there ?

Yes, it was.

What did you eat ?

We ate pasta, breaded meat, biscuits, pizza, cheese-topped  vegetables…


How big is the city ?

Rome is 12853 km².

How many inhabitants are there in Rome ?

There are 2,7 million inhabitants in Rome.

Are there lots of monuments ?

Yes, there are.

Did you visit the Vatican?

Yes, we did.

What did you visit in Rome?

We visited St Peter’s Basilica,


the Colosseum,


Gladiatorial  games  7500 spectators took place in this very big amphiteatre 5000 wild animals died during its inauguration wich lasted 100 days in 80.

a  Catacomb,

The christians burried their dead in the Catacombs during the early centuries after the brith of Christ.

Hadrian’s villa (in Tivioli),

Hadrian’s wall was the limit of the colony of Britannia.

the Villa d’Este,


With its palace and its garden, it’s a remarkable illustration of the Renaissance architecture.

Hippolyte d’Este created it between 1550 and 1572.

Trevi Fountain,

It’s the most beautiful fountain in Rome, it’s  a huge Baroque fountain.  It is 248 years old.

the Roman forum,

It was the pulsing centre of Rome for a long time.  It had a political, religious and historical importance.

the Holy Trinity of the Hill ,

It is a Baroque church,

the Baths of Caracalla,

They were public baths which could fit about 1500 people. There were gardens, libraries,  concert halls, offices….

and Palatine Hill.

According to Roman mythology, this is where the she-wolf found Remus and Romulus.

Later, Romulus founded Rome.

What about Italian traditions ?

What difference did you notice between the French way of life and Italian way of life?

They always eat pasta for a starter.

Is Rome a beautiful city ? What did you think of this city ?

Carla thought that the city was bleak because it was grey. Marie liked the monuments .

Did you learn a lot of Italian words ?

Yes we learned some words : buon giorno,  buona notte, grazie, ciao

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