THE BEST OF: Waldeck Euro TV News

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Now this is my turn to thank you and this is my present to you.
You really did something great this year which is definitely the best of my teaching career.

Thanks again and see you soon for Sliimy and Florence

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Waldeck Euro TV News Revisits Sliimy’s Wake up

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The excellent music video from Euro TV News on Sliimy’s Wake up music.

Directed: M.F
Starring: Euro TV News’s crew
Thanks to: Mrs Frobert and Mrs Bondetti

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Renan Luce’s full interview

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 Renan Luce’s Interview by Waldeck Euro TV News in Le Majestic in Firminy on January the 19th 2010
Shot by Laurine J., Guillaume C. and M.Florin
technicians: Morgan D. and Rémi G.

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Sliimy’s « WAKE UP » Revisited by Euro TV News


 Euro TV News

« WAKE UP » Revisited !




The shooting is over and the editing is nearly finished!



By Laurine J.

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Florence Foresti: Impossible Interview

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Unfortunately Florence Foresti won’t be able to give Euro TV News the interview she promised. It’s a rough time for her right now and by the way she was really touched by the videos ETN sent to her and promised a present for the Crew.

It’s a shame but we can’t do anything about it…



TL7 : Behind the scenes

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Discovery of the studios…



On February the 15th, we visited the premises of TL7 and we met the team of the channel. After, the makeup artist made us up  (Photo 5) and finally we were interviewed by Marion Bargès here.


? The entry of the studios ?


? The place where the editing of the shows is made ?


?  The directing room ?


? Make-up session in the dressing room (loge) ?


? TV set of « Rue des arts » ?


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Four Euro TV News members on TL7 on February the 16th 2010

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Marion, Shahen, Acina and Sawsan represented Euro TV News on the Show « Rue des Arts » broadcasted on TL7 and hosted by Marion Bargès. They were interviewed and explained the Waldeck WEB TV project.

The show was shot on Monday the 15th in the studio. They visited the premises and took photosto make a report on the making of. They were even made up!!!

Marion Bargès et ETN
New stars are born!

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Renan Luce: Live acoustic for Waldeck Euro TV News

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The video of this amazing version of « Nantes » by Renan Luce
live acoustic from Le Majestic in Firminy on January the 19th 2010

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Shot by: Laurine Jouve and M.Florin
Technicians: Morgan Devran and Rémi Giorgiantonio

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Waldeck Euro TV NEWS on TL7: Vachement Jeune

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Here is the report on Waldeck Euro TV News made by TL7 channel on Friday the 29th of January. Boris Forestier came to the school and interviewed the pupils and the teacher about their WEB TV project.
All rights reserved to TL7.

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A Christmas Carol: Projection on Thursday 28th For Waldeck’s pupils of 4eme and 3eme Euro


A Christmas Carol

This film was made by Robert Zemeckis. Jim Carrey, Gary Oldman play in it .


Of all the merchants of London, Ebenezer Scrooge is known as the richest and most miserly. This solitary and insensitive old man is obsessed with his books of accounts. Neither the death of his partner, Marley, or the poor condition of his employee, Bob Cratchit, has never succeed to disturb him.

Of all the days of the year, that Scrooge hates the more is Christmas. The idea to spread the joy and gifts definitely going against all his principles. But this year, Scrooge will experience a Christmas that won’t soon forget…

It all begins on Christmas Eve, when he returned home, Scrooge has strange hallucinations. The specter of his former associate makes him the most frightening visits and him in other listing, even more magical and disturbing…

Scrooge sees himself first confronted with the Spirit of Christmas Past, who plunges into his own memories, awakening in him of forgotten wounds and regrets deeply buried …


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