TL7 at Waldeck on Tuesday the 26th of January


A crew from TL7 will come to meet and interview Euro TV News on Tuesday the 26th, they will ask you questions about the project (origin, goal,…), the way you work and prepare interview

So on tuesday morning at 11h, We will show them how you prepare your questions for the stars
So you must and have to get your 5 questions ready for Florence (3 categories: Florence’s life, Florence as an artist, Florence on Stage).

between 12h30 and 13h15, I will take 8 pupils to select the videos of Renan (TL7 will be filming you working on the video)

So…. work on the5 questions in ENGLISH and FRENCH for Florence!!!!!

 wikipedia on Florence
documentary Envoye Special
Fansite with past interviews

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Renan Luce’s Interview

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renan luce euro tv news











 Here is the group picture!

renan luce euro tv news interviewers










The rehearsal for the interviewers


Renan gave an interview to Euro Tv News.
The crew was directed by Guillaume Cuchet, Laurine Jouve and Morgan Devran
12 pupils came to the Majestic and asked questions to Renan!
It was a great moment with this very generous artist who even sang us a song called « Nantes »

The video of this acoustic version will be online soon. After the holidays the interview will be broadcasted.

rena luce euro tv news

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Tuesday’s class (PS : the first article of 2010 !)

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Today, in class, we studied a video : « The year in rap«  from the website

What is the concept of the site ?

Each friday, Flocabulary, a professionally produced rap song realize a hip-hop music video on the current events of the week, for teens and students. Below the videos, there are the lyrics of the rap and the events cited leads to link where it is dealt with in the press. Then, they made « The year in rap » where we find the best and most important events of the year 2009.

What did we do from this video ?

From it, we filled in the lyrics of the rap which was incomplete. If you want to do like us download the text here and have a try on the video here. But don’t cheat and don’t look at the answers before!


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Gad Elmaleh – The Full Interview

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Merry Xmas to all!
As promised, your gift for this Christmas


Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Image de prévisualisation YouTube

Mr F.

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Useless article B4 the full interview of Gad Elmaleh

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Real picture with questions not available !

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Waldeck Euro TV News on La Tribune-Le Progrès

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We are in the paper today!

We will become stars in Firminy! (or in the school maybe).
That’s it! It’s our article about our project EURO TV NEWS

We waited impatiently for it. Now, read it and comment it!

la tribune, waldeck euro tv news

Laurine J.

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Holidays are here !

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That’s it ! We are on holidays !

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year 2010 !

Enjoy your holidays : you can sleep later =)  It will be a snowy and cold Christmas. I hope you will have lots of presents from Santa Claus.
Don’t forget Gad Elmaleh’s interview on December 25th and see you next year !


Happy HolidaysL.K

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EUROTVNEWS interviewed on Thursday, December 17th

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Tomorrow, we will be interviewed by the newspaper :
La Tribune Le Progrès.

The roles are reversed, it’s great !


Sorry for the bad quality, I took it directly from a youtube video.


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TEASER: Gad Elmaleh’s Interview

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Watch the teaser now and the full interview on December the 25th
 Your Christmas Gift!
Image de prévisualisation YouTube

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Gad Elmaleh the making of

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Gad Elmaleh -waldeck euro tv news
 The snapshot of an unbelievable moment

Gad Elmaleh -waldeck euro tv news      
Another snap


Gad Elmaleh -waldeck euro tv news
Gad’s guests for the evening show

Gad Elmaleh -waldeck euro tv news
The Last Picture,  after the show



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