Testing your listening skills n01



Questions 1-7

Click   HERE and print the exercice. Then, listen to the file.



Questions 8-13

Directions: Listen to the file.


You will hear a young man called Chris Peterson talking on the radio about what it’s like to work in the kitchen of Irish chef, Steve O’Reilly. For each question, write the right letter on your paper sheet (or put a tick (tick) in the correct box).

8.Chris found that working in Steve O’Reilly’s restaurant kitchen was:

 A. very enjoyable.

 B. too hard.

C. very amusing.

9.What was one of Chris’s problems in the kitchen?

A He made too much noise.

B. He couldn’t find anything.

C. He prepared too many vegetables.

10.What is important to Steve about the biscuits?

A. learning to cook them

B. making them look good

C. checking they taste nice

11 Steve becomes angry when

A. the customers complain.

B. his cooks throw food away.

C. food isn’t ready on time.

12. What do the kitchen staff say about Steve?

A. He should pay them more.

B. He is wrong to shout at them.

C. He teaches them many things

13. Steve encourages his young cooks to

A. continue working for him.

B. train with other chefs.

C. learn from each other.


Questions 14-19

Directions: Listen to the file.


You will hear the presenter of a travel programme talking about a coach tour of Tasmania. For each question, fill in the missing information in the numbered space.

Visit to Tasmania

Before the trip: learn about the interesting (14) ……………………. of Tasmania

Price of the tour with single bedroom: (15) £ ……………………

• not included in the price: (16) …………………….

Things to do:

Day 1: • spend the morning visiting the (17) …………………….

• use the afternoon to see Hobart’s cultural attractions

Day 2: • travel to the west coast

• do not miss the (18) …………………….

Day 3: • trip to Cradle Mountain

• cruise on the Gordon River

• recommended outdoor activity: (19) …………………….

Day 4: • scenic drive to the north coast where the tour ends


Questions 20-25

Directions: Listen to the file.


Look at the six sentences for this part. You will hear two friends, David and Sophie, talking about a DVD they have just watched. Decide if each sentence is correct or incorrect. If it is correct, put a tick (9) in the box under A for YES. If it is not correct, put a tick (9) in the box under B for NO.

20. David and Sophie agree the film was less good than they expected: YES NO
21. Sophie chose the film because George Clooney had directed it: YES NO
22. David and Sophie both liked the film maker’s use of black and white: YES NO
23. Sophie thought more highly of the film’s message than David did: YES NO
24. They would both like to see the film again sometime in the future: YES NO
25. Sophie usually prefers watching films at the cinema rather than on DVD: YES NO