Speaking topics (Part 1)


1.Where You Live Now and Your Home Country

  • Is it easy to meet new people where you live?
  • What’s the best place to spend a free afternoon in your town?
  • How expensive is it to go out in the evening where you live?
  • Could you tell me something about the area where you grew up?
  • Could you describe your family home to me?
  • What’s the most interesting place you’ve visited near ….?
  • Is there anything you would like to learn about your country?
  • Which area of your country would you like to get to know better?
  • What do you like about living there?
  • Tell us about a festival or celebration in [your home country].

 2.Daily Life

  • Tell us about a day you’ve really enjoyed recently.
  • Are you planning to do anything special this weekend?
  • How much time do you spend at home?
  • What did you do on your last birthday?
  • Do you like cooking?
  • What’s your favourite food?
  • What’s your favourite day of the week?
  • What’s your favourite part of the day?
  • Which time of year is your favourite?

3.Education and Work

  • Do you use the internet to learn new things?
  • Do you prefer working on your own or with other people?
  • What do you think would be the most interesting job to do?
  • Do you find it easy to study where you live?
  • What were the most important things you learned at primary school?
  • Would you prefer to work for a big or small company?
  • What kind of work would you really like to do in the future?
  • Are you happier doing mental or physical work?
  • Can you remember your first English lessons?

 4.Travel and Holidays

  • Where would you most like to go on holiday in future?
  • Do you prefer traveling by train or plane?
  • Do you plan your holidays or decide everything spontaneously?
  • Have you ever used English while traveling?
  • Is there a good public transport system in your country?


  • Do you ever go to concerts?
  • How important is TV to you?
  • How much TV do you watch in a week?
  • Do you like the same TV programmes as your parents?
  • Tell us about a TV programme you’ve seen recently.
  • Do you enjoy going to parties?
  • How often do you read newspapers?
  • Do you like shopping?
  • Where do you like listening to music?
  • Do you like going to the cinema?
  • Tell me about your favourite film star.
  • Tell us about a film you really like.
  • Do you enjoy playing computer games?
  • Do you use the internet much?
  • What do you use the internet for?
  • Do you ever listen to the radio?

  6.Family and Friends

  • Who are the most important people in your life?
  • What do you enjoy doing with your friends?
  • Who do you spend your free time with
  • Have you done anything interesting with your friends recently?
  • Who are you most like in your family?
  • Do you and your friends share the same ideas?
  • Tell me about your best friend.
  • Tell me about a good friend of yours.
  • Do you normally go out with family or friends?
  • Tell me a little about your family.

 7.Free Time

  •  How much time do you spend at home nowadays?
  • Do you have a favourite newspaper or magazine?
  • What’s the most exciting thing you’ve ever done?
  • Tell us about a TV programme you’ve seen recently?
  • What’s the difference between reading the news in the newspaper and watching it on TV?
  • Who do you spend your free time with?
  • Do you prefer to be outside or inside when you have free time?
  • What do you most enjoy doing when you’re at home?
  • Is your routine at weekends different from your daily routine?
  • What do you spend your time doing?
  • Do you enjoy reading?
  • What sort of books do you read?
  • Does anyone you know have an interesting hobby?


  • Are you interested in sport?
  • Is there a sport or hobby you enjoy doing?
  • Is there a sport you’d really like to try?
  • What sports do people play most in your country?
  • How much exercise do you take each week?
  • Do you like to be physically active or do you prefer relaxing?

 9.The Future

  • Is there anything you’d love to be able to do in the future?
  • Do you plan to study anything in the future?
  • What are you going to do this weekend?
  • Are you going to do anything special this weekend?
  • Do you think computers will replace newspapers and TV in the future?
  • Which country would you most like to visit in the future?
  • Do you think you’ll go there one day?