144 (24.7)

Activity A

Say how often you do the things in the personality test.

Activity B

Joelle is looking for a boy-friend. The Find-a-Friend Club wants to help her. She’s doing a personality test for them. Look at Joelle’s answers and write sentences about her.


How often do you do these   things ? always usually often sometimes Not often never
Lie awake at night x
Be angry x
Argue with people x
Worry x
Take risks x
Be late for work x
Tell jokes x
Laugh at comedy shows x
Wish things were different x
Be sad x

A basic English Grammer with Exercises, OUP J.Eastwood

143 (24.4)

Maria is writing to her friend Helen in England. She’s rather tired and she’s left some of the words out by mistake. Rewrite the letter putting in the adverbs and adverb phrases on the right.

Dear Helen,

Thank you for your letter. Is it

four months since I last wrote ? I’m     (really)

sorry, but I’ve been very busy.               (lately)

I’m working for my exams.                   (already)

I’ve planned my revision. I work            (carefully)

until about ten o’clock in the                 (usually)

evening. I’ve finished for today.              (just)

I don’t keep to my plan. I                     (of course)

saw a marvellous film. It was                   (always)

called ‘The secret Game’ . Have             (yesterday)

You seen it ?

I don’t go out. Suzanne                           (actually/ often)

comes about once a week. We                (here)

talk.                                                       (a lot)

I hope to visit Englanda gain.                 (next year)

I had a lovely time last year.                    (there)

It would be great to see you.                    (again)

I’m trying to save money.                        (hard)

How are you ? Is your new

flat all right ? Please write.                    (soon)



A basic English Grammer with Exercises, OUP J.Eastwood

146 (24.5)

Mrs Lake is a teacher of English. She is making notes on her students. Say how well each student is doing at English. Use an adverb of manner in each sentence. (Most but not all of these adverbs end in-ly)


Ahmed : Bad spelling. Careless written work.

(A spells badly. He does his written work carelessly.)


1.Stella :satisfactory progress. Good homework.

(Stella is progressing…….  She does her homework……

2.Emil : fluent speaker of English.

3.Milena : Hard worker. Fast learner.

4.Victor : Slow speech. Incorrect pronunciation of some common words.

A basic English Grammer with Exercises, OUP J.Eastwood