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 Aleksandra Drzymulska


Aleksandra Drzymulska, Global Community Manager&Social Media Enthusiast at SentiOne
 Why good customer service is important? Because more and more often it does amazing things for companies in terms of marketing.

If forty is the new thirty, Orange is the new Black, and Instagram replaced regular photo albums… then client service definitely deserves to be called new marketing.

Basically, one may say that marketing and client service are totally different things. First one is basically focused on gaining and using customer’s attention, while the other one aims for minimising their struggle. There’s one certain thing about it – client is the core word for both of them!

You can’t find a detailed definition of customer service, as the concept evolves pretty significantly. Shop counters, letters, telephones, emails… It wasn’t so long ago when customer service was all about sending messages, both via regular post and emails. Complaints were delivered by postmen, and with time companies incorporated more technically advanced options, such as helplines. At the beginning of XXI century, communication underwent considerable change and shifted towards online solutions, such as emails. Customer service departments (still often considered by some companies as an excess) had between 7 and 14 days to take a stance and reply to clients’ complaints.
What links all the forms of customer service engagement from a few years back? One to one communication, a private message addressed to one person directly.

Since social media came into our lives, there has been a crucial change in the way that brands talk and cooperate with their clients. It happened on both, services and marketing sides. It’s strongly connected with the fact that online communication gets as easy as it can be and the way the clients talk about their brand-related experiences online, using social media channels. Social media platforms have their own laws, and sometimes it means that solving issues in a less formal way is a right thing to do. What is more, the internet made the amount of discussions raise with the speed of light. It causes many new issues and puts challenges ahead of customer service teams.

Business pages on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram – which were considered a cheap form of promotion – should above all fulfill social role, that is being engaging. Times of mere sharing pictures of cats, gathering uncommitted fans and worthless likes are way behind us. What is more, nowadays directing irritated clients from social media to email or contact helpline is unacceptable! Downplaying a customer who is inquiring about company’s services or reporting problem is treated as a lack of engagement from brand’s side. Unfortunately, we can still witness situations when people responsible for communication rather than seeing the big picture and focus on the most basic function of their work (that is replying to questions), give responses such as “I’m only in charge of this profile… I’m from the agency… I can’t really help you…”. This is not what the internauts expect when reaching out to a brand.

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