Compréhension Orale (Listening skills)


      I.LISTENING/ COMPREHENSION (Niveau B2 )                  

                                         enemybook                                                     Keeping Friends Close and Enemies Online I)Listen to the file and circle or re-write  the right answer on your paper

1.It is about:                                 

                    a-Virtual life              b-Facebook                 c-Enemybook              d-Myspace

2.The document is       a- a poem                   b-an interview                       

                                          c-an article

3.The programme is called                 a-Day to day               b-Tell me more                                                       c-Welcome America

4.Kevin is                         a-an Enemybook user                                               b-the inventor or Enemy book 5.Kevin is from                         a- America                  b-England                   c-Australia 6.With Enemybook                         a-You can ask someone if he agrees to be your enemy                         b-You can only say if someone is your enemy

7.Kevin created Enemy book because                         a-He is filled with hate                   b.Kevin wants to mock Facebook

8.Kevin thinks that      a-you can’t ask someone’s permission to be his/her enemy                                        b-you can ask someone ‘s permission to be his/her enemy

2.Choose the appropriate title for the text:                    

     a-Facebook’s enemy                                      b- Facebook, the best.  

2.Listen and choose the right sentences.

1.He’s a grad student at MIT.     2 a spin-off        3. the message being spread

ALEX COHEN, host: Back now with Day to day. Love thy enemy and collect hundreds of them online. That’s ____________by Kevin Matulef.________________, and he’s developed a computer program called Enemybook. It’s ____________of the popular social networking Web site Facebook where people generally connect with their friends. Kevin Matulef joins us now from Cambridge, Massachusetts. Welcome to the program.

4. create your own profile join up and link with       6. Developer

Mr. KEVIN MATULEF (Graduate Student, MIT;___________, Hi. Thanks for having me. COHEN: So Kevin, Facebook, for people who don’t know, you kind of _________________and then you invite your friends that you know ________________you. How does Enemybook work?

7. maybe you work together           8. didn’t get along     9. the ability to specify

Mr. MATULEF: Well, Enemybook works very similarly. Normally, in Facebook when you invite your friend or are invited by a friend, you have ________________why you’re friends – maybe you live together or_____________________. With Enemybook, similarly, when you add somebody as an enemy, you have the ability to specify why you’re enemies – maybe you live together and didn’t get along or work together and _____________________.

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Describe the photo and guess what we are going to talk about.


 Watch the following document and answer the questions on a sheet of paper.

1)What sort of document is it ?

2)Who speaks ?

3)What is the document about ?

4)Mention the main drawbacks of the internet

5)What is your reaction to the document ? Do you feel concerned or unconcerned ? Why or why not ?

6)How long do you stay in front of the computer or use your mobile phone per day ?

7) What are the solutions do you advocate to someone who is addicted to the internet ?

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ENTRAINEMENT 1 Listen and write. 1.Click HERE : President Obama Takes State of the Union Speech to Public. 2. Click HERE : Working to Fight Climate Change. 3. Click HERE : Program Provides Food, Farming Education to Urban Poor. 4. Click HERE  Pride and prejudice. 5. Click HERE IBM and computers in five years.




ENTRAINEMENT 1 1.Take a piece of paper. Listen before writing. Now Click HERE: Describing oneself. 2.Same instruction. Click HERE : Murder. 3. Same instruction. Click HERE 1984   Listen and re[quicktime][/quicktime]pea

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