Comprehension Orale (B2-)


CO1.Claudette Colvin. (Transcript)

1.Write what you understand (Document, People, Time, Place, Topic)

 Detailed comprehension

1.What happened on on December 1st, 1955 ?

2.Whose Black leader’s voice can you hear at the beginning of the recording ?

3.Who is the first person to challenge the Montgomery bus segregation law ?

4.What do you learn about Claudette Colvin ‘s life and career (job, age)?

5.What is Negro History Month ?

6.Who were Harriet Tubman and Sojourner Truth ?

7.How long before Rosa Parks did Colvin refuse to yield her seat ?

CO2. In France, a belatedly hero comes into light. (Transcript)

Detailed comprehension

Say Right or Wrong.

1.The document is about terrorist attacks in Syria.

2.It is the story of a man who helped terrorist victims in Paris.

3.Didi entered the Bataclan before the terrorists.

4.Didi is a 36 year-old security guard.

5.Didi wants his full name to be known.

6.Didi had to lie down to save his own life.