Bonus words and expressions by topics



Tuition fees





Make sacrifices


Lack of money

Graduate students

Fair educational system



1.deter somebody from + Ving=discourage

to deter the poor potential students, the prestigious colleges increase the tuition fees

2.To prevent somebody from + Ving

The prestigious universities increased the fees to prevent students from lower background from attending their establishments.


Study requires money and much patience

4.jeopardize= threaten, endanger

His bad attitude jeopardizes his chances to find a better job pass=succeed

She passed her exam last year sit for

He sat for his exam and passed it

7.can’t afford to= can’t pay for

As they are poor, they can’t afford prestigious colleges their best=make a lot of effort

Poor students do their best to attend courses stress=to lay the stress on= to emphasize

The demonstrators stressed the bad condition of studying

10.go into debt

Students go into debt because they don’t have any personal fund

11.benefit from=take the advantage of

Wealthier students can benefit from the advantages of prestigious universities

1.It is likely=probablyIt ‘s likely that the poor students will not pass their examThe poor students will probably fail their exam’s worth +Ving= it is profitable

It’s worth going to school because you learn a lot of things

3.Because of=thanks to

Because of budget cuts, some students won’t have access to colleges



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