Is working in the hospitality industry tough ?


Only physically and mentally. You have quiet days and you have days that you ask yourself why everyone in the whole world is visiting. But I love my job, so I get loads of energy from the hard work, seeing the guest leave with a smile, makes me smile.

So if hospitality is tough it has a few factors.

  1. Collegues (including managers)
  2. Guest, they can make or break your day.
  3. Your abilities, you need to be able to switch. Work faster and harder when needed but still focus

Many People don’t stay in that industry long and usually don’t do it for a career, just a support job. Most of it is just servicing so you can expect a minimum wage salary while you work like a dog and long hours and don’t get compensated for it.


I believe that hospitality is a tough job when there is a lack of commitment or incentive. The industry is often perceived as a stepping-stone or temporary, but it is also an industry with immense growth and with that-professional opportunities. That being said, compensation needs to be increased.

It depends.If you want to work in hospitality or if you do it to support yourself for a short period of time. It is a tough job, long hours, low pay, few bank days and managers, guests may break your day. If you are hard-working, full of energy, you work fast, you may get through. Besides, in some countries, you may work like a dog and not get compensated for your work efforts. It is an industry with immense growth and with that-professional opportunities.