Fictitious heroes are useless and designed for kids. What do you think ?


It is generally agreed that kids love fictitious heroes because like Batman and Superman, they often have their effigies (portraits,) that they keep for a long time.

In my essay, I will see to what extent fictitious heroes are useless and designed for kids. So on the one hand, I will show that fictitious heroes can be useless and on the other hand, I will explain that they could be helpful.

A/ Fictitious heroes can be useless.

They are created by artists and writers. They appeal to kids.

They are designed to make the kids dream and live in a make-believe world with aliens and inhuman creatures.

B/ Fictitious heroes are useful.

They help kids overcome their fears

They develop some values (mutual help, tolerance, friendhip, love)


As a conclusion, I will say that fictitious heroes are not useless. Both kids and adults read and watch their heroes on TV. One of the evidence of their popularity is the success they have on TV shows and at the theatre.