Checking-in, checking-out

Watch the video (20mn)

Global comprehension

1.Put the following sentences into the order the events took place (except for n°1 and 11)

1.Mr Sanders is welcome by the receptionist

2.Mr Sanders asks for the wireless internet

3.The receptionist asks Mr Sanders to fill out the registration form.

4.Mr Sanders says that he is in New York for a business conference.

5.The receptionist says that she will be happy to help with some tips for sight-seeing.

6.There is a problem with the booking system

7.The receptionist asks for his ID

8.Mr Sanders shows his driving licence.

9.The receptionist offers a business suite with no extra charge

10.He then says that he would like to go sight-seeing.

11.The receptionist tells to Mr Sanders his way to his room.

 Detailed comprehension

1.Say what you understand about the main parts of the conversation

2) Find the phrases linked to the following topics

A. Reservation:

B.Problems with reservation

C. Charge, price, rate

D: Offering help, be nice

Communicative Functions

A few phrases you must learn by heart.


Good afternoon. Welcome to the Grand Woodward Hotel. How may I help you?

Filling-out the forms:

I have a reservation for today. It’s under the name of Hannighan.


Five hundred and ninety dollars a night!


Question : What’s included in this cost anyway?

Answers : A full Continental buffet every morning, free airport shuttle service, and use of the hotel’s safe are all included.
The hotel provides room service


there is internet available in the lobby 24 hours a day.

Entrance to the room:

Question : so what room am I in?

Answer : Room 487. Here is your key


To get to your room, take the elevator on the right up to the fourth floor. Turn left once you exit the elevator and your room will be on the left hand side.


A bellboy will bring your bags up shortly.


Should you have any questions or requests, please dial ‘O’ from your room


what time is check-out?

Final greeting :

Have a wonderful stay at the Grand Woodward Hotel



1)Practise vocabulary with Quizlet


1.Practise reading with the right tone. Click here for the script

2.Write your own checking-in conversation and practise it.

Further exercices and games

Try our interactive game about Hotel Dialogues

See our other notes with English Vocabulary about Hotels


III) Checking-out

Watch the video (10mn)

1.Sum-up the main information in the video

2.Communicative functions

Find the sentences uttered by the guests and receptionist.

a.Asking for the price (the guest)

b.Asking for the mode of payment. (the receptionist)

c.Offer to call a taxi

d.Offer help for the luggage

3.Pair-work: (20mn)

a-With your partner write a script for a checking-out.

b-Play your part in front of the class