Environmental issues

Ce dossier sur les questions environnementales regroupe trois ressources accompagnées d’exercices de compréhension et de production orales et écrites, ainsi que d’analyse d’image.

Oil consumption in the US

– A cartoon from The Economist (Kevin Kallaugher)

Analyse d’image


Sustainable energy and economic degrowth

Johny M
– A text by Peter Ainsworth


Texte et compréhension écrite


What can we do to avert climate change?

-A short film by the Environmental Protection Agency

-Phonetics, pronunciation of the letter <a>

Enregistrement vidéo et compréhension orale


Final task

Speaking task

You volunteer for Green Peace. As you are handing out leaflets in the streets of Dallas, Texas, to make people aware of the sad state of the planet, a man suddenly steps in front of you, accusing you quite loudly of telling lies and of trying to ruin the economy of the country. Imagine the conversation.

Writing task

You are an American student who has just discovered the EPA website and you want to help them reach out to American teenagers by writing an article for your highschool newspaper.