What’s your story? Project

Just because you know my name, doesn’t mean you know my story


1.Four words linked to story-telling in the above video

2.What are the sentences that you heard in the video

1.The world moves fast around us sometimes

2.The world is is a nutshell

3.We past each other and make judgments on each other

4.We like each other

5.Seeing this woman across the street, we crossed and re-crossed but rarely connect

6.The woman I saw was my mother

7.I know your name but I don’t know who you are

8.I don’t understand what  you mean.

9.But do you know my story would help us see beyond our perceptions

10.Our stories are what make us human

Linal Harris’ story

1.Watch the video and write what you understand

2.Read the following transcript and use your own words to tell Harris’story.

1.You know I go to the gym on a regular basis when I go to the gym especially when it’s cold outside you know I like to wear a nice sweater with the hood on it to keep me warm

2.My wife called me and said hey my son he needed some baby tylenol because he’s teething

3.I packed a towel into around my neck to make sure I could stay warm and you went to the store right and as I walked into this convenience store to to purchase his medicine I noticed that the cashier who happened to be a Caucasian woman older Caucasian woman was staring at me as soon as I walked in and I could see her eyes they were wide and they were fear in her eyes and I was looking like what you know what is she afraid of and then I realized that who she was afraid of was me because I was a black man in a hoodie so immediately I took the hoodie off and to kind of just show her that hey I’m not a threat to you I’m nothing more than a customer

4.What occurred to me was how responsible I have to be as a human being.

Answer: Summary of Harris’ story

One day, Harris went to the gym. His wife called him and asked him to go and look for a medicine for their child. As it was very cold, he put his hood on his head. Then, a white female customer was afraid because she believed he was a thug. So, he took off his hood. He realized that the way he dressed may be frightening, that’s why he decided to take his hood off.


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