Joseph-Anglade vice-champion de l’Aude 2017

2 02 2017

Mercredi 1er février 2017, 9 élèves du collège ont participé au championnat scolaire de l’Aude au lycée Jules-Fil de Carcassonne. Joseph-Anglade termine 2e et se qualifie pour la finale académique.

Mathias M. (402) termine 22e avec 2,5 points, Marie R. (605) 25e avec 2,5 points et 2e collégienne, Mathias D. (501) 27e avec 2,5 points, Florian S. (501) 28e avec 2 points, Lucas B. (605) 33e avec 2 points, Malak L. (501) 40e avec 1,5 point, Baptiste B. (506) 41e avec1,5 point, Océane B. (605) 44e avec 1 point et Ambre S. (504) 46e avec 0,5 point.


The Importance of Online Marketing for Business

4 10 2016

Online marketing is the activity of utilizing web-based channels to spread messages about a company’s brand, product, or service to potential customers. The methods used generally with include email, social media, display advertising, search engine optimization, and others. The goal of marketing is to reach more qualified leads and win more deals with Singapore’s most complete, fully-integrated CRM System.

online marketing

Why is online marketing important?

Online marketing is different from traditional marketing, which usually uses media such as print ads, billboards, television, and radio. This strategy is increasingly important for businesses of all types. In addition, the reason you should take advantage of online marketing is because of changing consumer habits. Shoppers are more likely to research their purchases online before buying, even while they are in the store. Generally, all businesses need to implement some online marketing activities in their overall promotion, or they risk losing. Apart from that, some other reasons are:

1. Your customers are also online

Considering that more than 4.2 billion people are on the Internet, this is a great opportunity for you to reach prospects who are looking for your business. People use the Internet to find all kinds of data. They are constantly on a search to find relevant information about businesses, products, and services. Learn more about affiliate manager duties.

Online internet marketing is invaluable to your business as it helps you connect with the prospects who are most interested in your business. POS Software from HashMicro is customizable to meet every business’ needs.

Also read: Marketing Communication Function in Attracting Customer Attention

2. Creating two-way communication

Traditional advertising only runs its communication in one direction. For example, when you make a TV ad or a print ad in a newspaper, after that, you just wait and hope the audience will see the ad and visit the business. But what if your audience has questions or wants to learn more about your business, product, or service? It’s hard to do that when you don’t have a two-way conversation.

You can reach customers through several different marketing channels. If someone sees a promoted ad and has questions, they can find your contact information and contact you so that it can open the door of communication and build relationships with them. It makes consumers feel more welcomed and valued by your team and company.

3. Allows you to get quality traffic

One of the biggest hurdles with ‘traditional’ advertising is knowing the prospects. When using traditional advertising, businesses tend not to know how many valuable leads they will reach. Online marketing is important to help you get higher-quality traffic. The ability to targetting specific leads helps you drive traffic to your company’s media.

You can target prospects specifically based on different characteristics. Online marketing allows targeting based on demographic information, socioeconomic status, hobbies, interests, or shopping habits. Businesses can ensure that only reaching prospects are likely to be interested in them. One example of a strategy that can be done is marketing automation to increase sales conversions. Provide personalized updates or discounts based on customer preferences.

4. Increase business visibility

Isometric icon with people working on new brand strategy 3d vector illustration

When you want to see more of your business, you have to increase the visibility of your business. It can be difficult to do this through offline activities because the business doesn’t have much control over who sees your marketing content. With online marketing, businesses can be exposed to hundreds or even thousands of people. The Internet is constantly marketing your business, and the public can access your website or social media 24/7. This means that the business is visible to the audience at all times.

Eric Prié dans L’Indépendant

8 01 2016

Eric Prié à l'aveugle

Impressionnant ! Eric Prié, ancien champion de France d’échecs était devant une cinquantaine d’élèves vendredi dernier à la médiathèque du collège. Assis, face à trois groupes de jeunes compétiteurs appartenant au club d’échecs de l’établissement, il disputait simultanément trois parties différentes. Le plus stupéfiant est qu’il avait  les yeux bandés ! Il a gagné les trois parties face à des joueurs particulièrement coriaces.

Leur professeur de français, Jean-François Bonnevialle, qui est animateur du club d’échecs à Joseph-Anglade, leur fait étudier en ce moment « Le joueur d’échecs » de Stefan Zweig. Il a voulu leur montrer qu’Eric Prié, vice-président de la fédération et président départemental de ce sport cérébral était plus fort que le champion du monde, Czentovic, personnage évoqué dans le roman de Zweig : son excellente mémoire lui permet en effet de jouer à l’aveugle.

Les élèves, qui ont eu la chance d’assister à ce spectacle peu ordinaire, pourront retrouver prochainement Eric Prié dans l’émission de TF1 « Les extraordinaires ».

N.D.-B., L’Indépendant, vendredi 21 décembre 2015

Advantages of Taking a Defensive Driving Course

27 11 2015

Driving in Houston is always an adventure! Whether you’re navigating the one-way streets downtown, stopping and going through rush hour, or changing lanes on the 26-lane-wide section of I-10 affectionately known as the Katy Freeway, you need to be at the top of your driving game. Taking a defensive driving course in Houston can help prepare you for the realities of driving in Space City. But it comes with a few other advantages as well.

Here are three key benefits of taking a defensive driving course in Houston.

1. Dismiss a Ticket in Houston

Did you get a traffic ticket in Houston? Or somewhere else in Harris County, TX? Taking a defensive driving course in Houston can negate the long-term effects of that ticket!

Texas driver’s licenses use a point system. If you get a traffic ticket, it adds points to your driving record. The exact number of points depends on how bad your driving behavior was. In general, moving violations come with a two-point penalty, and moving violations that result in an accident come with a three-point penalty. If you get more than six points on your record in a two-year period, your license could be suspended. Yikes! Make sure to take any of these San Antonio driving lessons.

Luckily, with court approval, you can take a defensive driving course to erase points from your license!

2. Get a Discount on Your Car Insurance

Did you know that Houstonians pay around $179 per month on average for car insurance? Your car insurance premiums are based on lots of factors, including:

  • Your age and driving experience

  • Your gender and marital status

  • The value of your car

  • The safety features on your car

  • Your driving record

  • The type of protection your policy offers

Generally, the less risk you pose to the insurance company, the less you have to pay. So, if you prove yourself to be a responsible driver by completing a defensive driving course, you might score a discount on your car insurance!

By the way, most insurance companies have several discount programs available to help make your premiums more affordable.

3. Help Keep Yourself, Your Passengers, and Everyone Else Safe on the Road

Let’s be real. Houston driving isn’t just an adventure. It’s a challenge. Between the sheer size of the Katy Freeway, road rage, and the heavy commuter traffic, it’s stressful!

And that’s on a sunny day. Heaven help you when there’s a downpour. Or insane winds. Or the rare, but real, freezing temps that turn the roads into an ice skating rink.

A defensive driving course can help you prepare for all of these driving challenges. You’ll learn how to safely navigate heavy traffic and weather conditions. You’ll be able to recognize bad driving behavior in other drivers so you can avoid them. And you’ll get comfortable with good driving practices that can literally save lives.

Whether you’re off to NRG Stadium for a game, taking out-of-town visitors to the Space Center, or heading to Galveston Island for a day at the beach, you need to be able to get around safely.

Enroll in a Houston Defensive Driving Course Today!

Getting a ticket dismissed, earning a discount on car insurance, and becoming a safer driver are all valuable benefits of taking a defensive driving course in Houston. And since you can take defensive driver courses online in Texas, there’s nothing to stop you from getting these benefits.

Classement Elo de septembre 2015

11 09 2015


Les nouveaux classements Elo, national et rapide, sont sortis :

# Prénom Classe Licence Catégorie National Rapide
1 Jean B. 2e J69568 Min M 1220 N 1490 R
2 Loïc C. 4e L56190 Ben M 1130 N 1410 R
3 Nathanaël T. 3e K70198 Ben M 1180 N 1290 R
4 Florian B. 3e K70193 Min M 1210 N 1220 R
5 Jules P. 2e J69577 Min M 1050 N 1210 R
6 Eléna B. 2e J69572 Min F 1210 R
7 Jonathon G. 3e K75040 Ben M 1180 R
8 Simon T. 2e J71112 Min M 1140 N 1130 R
9 Mathéo B. 5e M65263 Ben M 970 R


7e tournoi du collège

9 07 2015


Mercredi 17 juin 2015, 20 élèves dont 9 du club Echecs ont participé au 7e tournoi du collège. Organisé par M. Bonnevialle et M. Gouiffes, le tournoi était arbitré par Patrice Capitanio, Trésorier du Comité des Echecs de l’Aude.

# Prénom Classe Elo rapide Catégorie Points Performance
1 Armen Z. 1890 R Pup M 5 2175
2 Jean B. 306 1370 R Ben M 4 1527
3 Alois B. 1430 R Pup M 4 1546
5 Loïc C. 501 1390 R Pup M 3 1464
11 Jonathon G. 403 999 R Ben M 2,5 1232
12 Lauryne R. 403 999 E Ben F 2,5 1156
15 Aymeric C. 306 999 E Min M 2 1168
16 Simon T. 308 1220 R Min M 1,5 1049
17 Mathéo B. 601 999 E Pup M 1,5 995
18 Alexandre L. 606 999 E Pup M 1,5 995
19 Mattéo A. 609 999 E Pup M 1 1021

Classement complet sur le site de la FFE :

Classement Elo national de mai 2015

5 05 2015

Nouveau classement Elo de janvier 2015, après la coupe Jean-Claude Loubatière et le championnat jeunes de l’Aude.

# Prénom Classe Licence Catégorie Elo Evolution
1 Jean B. 306 J69568 Min M 1220 N +10
2 Florian B. 403 K70193 Min M 1210 N +90
3 Nathanaël T. 408 K70198 Ben M 1180 N +90
4 Simon T. 308 J71112 Min M 1140 N -50
5 Loïc C. 501 L56190 Pup M 1130 N -10
6 Jules P. 301 J69577 Min M 1050 N


Cédric Villani et les Echecs

24 02 2015

Cédric Villani Echecs

Le jeu d’échecs, un moyen d’apprendre des qualités essentielles du mathématicien : concentration, rigueur, imagination…

Cédric Villani, mathématicien, médaille Fieds 2010

Le championnat scolaire dans La Dépêche

13 02 2015


Les victoires du collège Joseph-Anglade et du lycée Diderot (avec plusieurs anciens élèves du collège) au championnat scolaire de l’Aude sont évoquées dans un article de La Dépêche du Midi daté du 12 février 2015.

Lire l’article en ligne :

Classement Elo rapide de février 2015

2 02 2015


Classement Elo rapide

# Prénom Classe Licence Catégorie Elo Evolution
1 Loïc C. 501 L56190 Pup M 1390 R +230
2 Jean B. 306 J69568 Min M 1370 R -10
3 Nathanaël T. 408 K70198 Ben M 1290 R +70
4 Simon T. 308 J71112 Min M 1220 R +60
Florian B. 403 K70193 Min M 1220 R
6 Eléna B. 306 J69572 Min F 1210 R -20
Jules P. 301 J69577 Min M 1210 R

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