Paralympian Danielle Brown

16 10 2012

Watch the VIDEO and do the listening EXERCISE.

Men at War

16 10 2012

1. My Boy Jack — End Poem Watch the video and learn the poem lines to be delivered in pairs next week.

2What is this video? Who are the characters portrayed? What period in British history does it refer to? What does the woman warn the man against?

3.  Watch the clip at left. Can you explain the article’s headline and subhead now?

4. find the article and the relating activities HERE


Bond is Great Britain

5 10 2012

On this day we celebrate 50 years of Bond movies.

1. Find here the new visitbritain campaign Can you find 3 reasons why Bond is seen as the quintessential Londoner? 

2. Find here the clip from the Skyfall videoblog. Watch it and do the listening exercise.

3. By the way, what do you think of the new Bond movie theme song by Adele? 

Across the Wire

3 10 2012


1. Click on the picture at left to learn more about your final task.

2. Watch the trailer to a Tommy Lee Jones film  Can you say what the film is about ? (who/ where/ when/ what?)

3. Listen to ACROSS THE WIRE a song by Arizona band CALEXICO.  (Usually categorized as either alt-country or Alternative Rock) Discuss the lyrics HERE

4. Watch this  and take this TEST.

5. Now study this EXCERPT from James A. Michener‘s book, Texas.