Detox Fashion with Greenpeace

20 02 2013

1. Watch the video promo for the campaign and sum up the issue it raises

2. Watch a CNN video on the Pearl River, the blue jean capital of the world.

3. Click on the picture to access an article on making fashion more sustainable

Indian Cinema

19 02 2013

1. Watch the clip and take this LISTENING TEST


2. Indian cinema is coming to Aubenas

Prezi: Marriage, Then and Now

18 02 2013

Prezi: Emigration to New Zealand

14 02 2013

Prezi: Can America Be Moved Beyond Oil?

14 02 2013

Family: past and present

11 02 2013

1. Click on the picture at right to do a word search puzzle on family relationships

2. Practice your listening skills with this song by UK band MADNESS

3. A very personal song by Eminem. [LYRICS] Write a 100-word paragraph and  turn it into a narrative.  

4. Write a 10-argument leaflet in defense of same sex marriage based on the song:

5. “My Family”, voted 24th in the BBC’s  “Britain’s best sitcom” in 2004:

6. Take this listening test based on a clip from The Royal Tenenbaums:

Environmentally Friendly Video Listening

11 02 2013

1. Practise your listening skills with this activity page by ESL-COURSES-COM

2. Here’s another opportunity for you to practice your listening skills: ESL-COURSES-COM

3. Cristal clear, no words needed: “New Thinking on Climate Change.”

Larry Smith: Pourquoi vous allez échouer à avoir une grande carrière ?

8 02 2013

Politicians make the right decision

7 02 2013

1.What works against hunger? Watch the clip to know more.

2. Watch this clip and listen to this song by Kora, a New Zealand reggae band.

The Empire on which the Sun Never Set

5 02 2013

REM: your assignment, “prepare a brief presentations on a product / cultural phenomenon that you think illustrates globalization.”

1. Watch the clip and note down the major steps in the birth, rise and fall of the British Empire.

2. Watch the clip and discuss the vision of Empire the song provides

3. Watch this clip from Horrible Histories which is a comedy show that is also educational

4. AlJazeera looks at what is left of the Empire on which the sun never set

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