XL Keystone Pipeline

28 03 2013

1. Pipe Dreams,  a short documentary about the most controversial environmental battle in the U.S. today.

2. Celebs arrested at White House protest

3. Read this Washington Post article on the arrests at the White House


4. You can learn more about the controversy on Mother Jones website. Click on the map below.


The Bulgarian Plumber

27 03 2013

1. Nigel Farage, UK Independence Party leader, on Bulgaria and Romania joining the EU work market in 2014.

2. Dear Mr Farage… One young Edinburgh-educated Bulgarian woman wrote an open letter to the Eurosceptic MEP.

3. UKIP polling threatens Tories.

4. What is the secret of UKIP’s appeal? Read this BBC analysis.



Cross-Cultural Communication and International Marketing

27 03 2013

1. Cultural knowledge is very important when marketing your products worldwide. This videos shows 10 examples not to be followed.


2. Hand gestures around the world.

3. Isn’t it amazing what hands can do?

4. A good place to learn about American culture and more.

5. Cross Cultural Communication: the big adventure.

6. What’s Cultural Intelligence (CQ)? What are the four capabilities you need to be culturally intelligent?

Visions of the Future

21 03 2013

1. A cause worth dying for? What do you think?

2. Learn more about Robert A. Heinlein, the author of the book that started the movie.

3. Total Recall, another Verhoven movie, underwent a facelift in this 2012 remake.

Check it out!

4. I’m doing my part, are you?

5. Starship Troopers Scene Citizens vs Civilians

How Far We Have Come

21 03 2013

1. Watch the clip and take notes. Then in pairs prepare to sum up what you understood.

2. Watch this CNN video and then sum up the latest developments in the Trayvon tragedy.

3. Analyse and comment  this black Hisory Month poster by  a high school student.  


AIDS Awareness Game-Changer

19 03 2013

1. You know the original, what do you make of this parody? Speak up!


2. Read this post and learn more about the parody:

Made in Dagenham … but not yet exported elsewhere.

19 03 2013

1. Let’s study the film poster.

2. After analysing the trailer, organize your observations & predictions using this TABLE .

3. Learn more on the 1968 strike at the Ford Dagenham car plant, where female workers walked out in protest against sexual discrimination:

4. Watch this video. Briefly sum it up and say whether pay equality has been achieved across Europe.

Globalization: the battle is on.

12 03 2013

1. Watch the official “Battle in Seattle” trailer and, in pairs, prepare a 2-minute commentary.


2. Made in the world: watch this clip by the WTO explaining how the global supply chain works. Can you explain why the “Made in the World” label is better adapted to products like a Nokia phone?



3. Using your analysis of both the SONG LYRICS and the video, prepare a 2-minute anti-globalization rant (150 words minimum).


4. What’s the story of globalization as told by a shoe? What are the dynamics of corporate globalization?

Inter Nation: All Work and No Pay Makes Jack a Poor Boy.

11 03 2013

1. Find out about this book on internships whose basic thesis is that in most cases interns are grossly exploited

2. Watch this video and prepare a 1-minute commentary:

2. http://InternProfits.com shows small business owners & entrepreneurs how to find, hire & manage interns to help them grow their business:

Emigrating to The Antipodes

11 03 2013

1. Click on the picture and take the online Emigration Challenge at the Merseyside Maritime Museum:


Leaving from Liverpool Welcome, Stranger………

2. Take this quiz about the webquest: