12 04 2013

1. Here is a video-listening exercise on the Liver Building in Liverpool by

2. Here’s another one about the Museum of Liverpool.

3. Have a look at this slideshow on the Titanic Exhibition.

Whale Rider

12 04 2013

1. Find here a compilation of extracts from the book. They come with a few questions for you to prepare.

2. Watch the film trailer and, from what you hear, sum up what is at stake in this story.

3. Watch this clip and explain why Kahu Paikea Apirana gets so emotional.

Destination Liverpool

11 04 2013

1. Here is the trip’s programme. Please note that the departure time has been brought forward to 15 h 30!

2. Find here the names, addresses and phone numbers of your host families:

3. Here is a map of Chesterfield, our base camp.

4. Find here a few useful phrases to take with you on this trip.

5. Find below a map of Liverpool city centre.

Saving the world with Greenpeace

7 04 2013

1. Watch this video with Greenpeace Action Co-ordinator Al Baker. Sum up what you learn. Do you think people like him have made a difference?

2. Click on the pic to access an excerpt from Zodiac, an eco-thriller by American sci-fi novelist, Neal Stephenson.

3. The Horizon Has Been Defeated, an environmentally-aware song by Jack Johnson.


5 04 2013

1. Listen to Benjamin rapping about money and its evils.

2. Click on the pic below to access both the lyrics and a few questions.







3. Find below a few more exercises on grammar an vocabulary related to money.









Once Were Warriors

3 04 2013

1. This is the opening-credits sequence to “Once Were Warriors”. What can you guess about the story from what you see here?

2. Here (click on the pic) is the fairy tale you hear in that video. What does this folklore tell you about the Maori culture? How does that compare with the mood in the film sequence above?











3. Click on the pic to read  an excerpt from the original novel.











Life and Debt

2 04 2013

1. Watch the trailer to this documetary film and: a. say what are the two Jamaica it shows; b. you’re on a trip to Jamaica; on the plane you strike up a conversation with a fellow passenger: imagine the dialogue. 

2. Economist, Adam Smith, used the term The Invisible Hand to describe the self-regulating nature of the market place – a core concept for so-called free-marketeers. Watch the clip and then sum up what you understood.

3. Watch these clips from the documentary and say what free trade brought to Jamaica.

4. “The issue is to make globalization work for all. There will be no good future for the rich without prospects for a better future for the poor. ” Comment on this sentence by the then IMF director. Then read this contribution by Linton Kwesi Johnson (click on the picture below).

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