Artificial Intelligence

13 05 2013

1. Watch the trailer below and say who David is, how he has been created and what makes him different from the other boys.


2. In pairs, sum up & react to these words by Steven Spielberg, the film director. 

Love the machine. 

“None of us love our electric toothbrushes. But if you carved a face into it that every morning talked to you and knew you well enough to sense your mood and depending on your mood in the morning would make you feel better, would make you just set you off on the right foot, would whisper in your ear, would sing you a song and suddenly that electric toothbrush, if the dog chewed it up, would not be a happy evening when you came home from work or from school and found your electric toothbrush, that used to challenge you and counsel you in the morning, chewed up by the dog. So it’s what we project into mechanisms, into machines that’s important. It’s not so much that the machine can love us, it’s how much love do we invest back into it in return. And that determines, you know, whether, how far we should go in creating things that reminds us of ourselves”.

3. Click on the pic below to study a short text on the same theme. 


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