High Street Shopping vs Online Shopping

24 09 2013

1. Compare traditional and new ways of shopping. Click on the pic below.

2. Let’s listen to a recording on this subject. Click HERE to access the worksheet.

Listen Music Files – Audio Hosting – 19 Piste 19

3. Now let’s try a video-listening exercise. Click HERE to access the worksheet.

Destination Chester

19 09 2013

1. We leave on Sunday, April 6. Click on the pic to get the host family list.  


2. Find  the trip’s programme here:

3.  We will visit Chatsworth House in Derbyshire, where the 13-year-old princess Victoria spent four days in October 1832

4. The Mersey Sound: The story of the “Merseybeat” introduced by the late legendary radio host, John Peel.

5. Teenage Irish Boys get the Liverpool Beat

The Streets of My Heart

18 09 2013

1. “The Buddha of Suburbia” is the theme song to the BBC series of the same name. Watch the clip, listen to the song and then speak for one minute saying what struck you.

2. Click on the book cover to access a very thorough page on the novel.


3. Click on the pic below to read and analyse the incipit of the novel.

4. Read this review by the Guardian newspaper and say what makes the book so relevant today. 

5. Watch/listen to this interview and answer these questions

6. Listen to the author reading a few pages from the novel and sum up the content.

India, a land of contrasts.

16 09 2013

1. Watch these clips from a recent blockbuster set in India.

2. After watching this news report by Al Jazeera, can you sum up the plot of the movie and answere these questions HERE?

3. Listen to this interview about studying in India & the US & fill in this TABLE

4. Read this excerpt and do the exercises.





16 09 2013

1. Watch this clip introducing a TV documentary. Then speak for one minute and say what you have understood.

2. Click on the cartoon below to learn more about your task.


3. Click on the pic to study two excerpts from Texas, a novel by American writer, J. Michener.

4. Listen to this song by Arizona band, Calexico. Read and study the lyrics HERE .

5. Watch this video and sum up its content in a 2-minute oral account.

 6. Watch the clip and answer these questions. 

Life & Death: Van Ride

Globalization, a force for good?

10 09 2013

1. Listen to this man from Connecticut reading his favorite poem, The song of the Banana Man. Pick out details about  this man, the topic of the poem and the reasons why he particularly likes it.

2. Click on the pic below to read an excerpt from Rule of the Bone, by Russell Banks.

3. The globalization of reggae stirs up a familiar debate around cultural politics. From jazz to rock to hip-hop, white artists have negotiated the thorny boundaries of performing in a genre they didn’t invent. Sicily-born Alborosie says he needed to go to Jamaica and talk the talk. He was the first white artist to be distributed by Bob Marley’s label, Tuff Gong, but he says being embraced by the Jamaican music community did not come easily.

4. Sport and Social Responsibility. Watch the video and make notes to sum up Jamie Lawrence’s story.

5. Find here his story in writing. Click on the pic below.

Working Abroad

9 09 2013

1. Watch this clip from an English course for Spanish students and then briefly recap what you have understood. 

2. Click on the pic below to access a written document on the same topic.

3. Watch this ad promoting the learning of a foreign language and then react speaking for one minute.

4. Watch Graeme’s video and discuss the pros & cons of such a C.V.

5. The new flatmate.

Colonist and Native, who is the savage?

9 09 2013

1. Listen to the song and watch the images & make notes responding to the following prompts:

  • Three things you like about the video
  • Three things you don’t like or don’t fully understand.
  • Three questions you would ask if the singer were here.

It’s important to pick out specifics (individual words or phrases, images, even punctuation!) rather than giving vague responses such as “I like the atmosphere” or “I don’t like the style”. This activity encourages you to look critically at the way a song is made.

2. Watch these clips from The New World movie and make notes. Then, in pairs, say how they relate to the song.


Pure Love

3. Read this text and prepare ten questions to put to your mates. 

4. Find HERE more activities on the same subject.

5. The polarized stereotypes of Native Americans in this film reassert a long tradition of the noble/ignoble savage in American literature.

A Brief History of the United States

9 09 2013

1. Watch the clip once and answer the questions. Then read the script and do the exercises.

2. In pairs, prepare a 2-minute presentation about the clip. You may use this worksheet.


Thrift Shopping, the way to go?

9 09 2013

1. Watch the clip and prepare a two-minute oral presentation.

2. Click on the pic to read the script if you need help.


3. Hey Macklemore, can we go thrift shopping?