Back-to-school. How does it feel?

3 09 2013

1. Watch the clip and say who are the characters in presence; how they feel and why. Also list three songs mentioned in the video.













2. Have a look at the list of back-to-school songs Global News has put together. Choose three you like and three you dislike and give your reasons.

3. Click on the links hereafter to find more info on your grade:

a. Grade 10 (seconde)

b. Grade 11 (1ère)

c. 1ère EURO

d. 1ère LeLe

e. Grade 12 (Tle)

f. Grade 12 ELL (TL Approfondissement) 

g. BTEC Accounting & BTEC Customer Service & Sales

4. Study Habits, a cartoon by Dave Granlund

a. Compare the the students’ attitudes. What is the message here?

b. React to this cartoon.

5. Calvin’s Expectations

a. What does Calvin expect from school? Can you explain his reaction at the end?

b. What do you expect from this school year?

5. Watch the clip twice determine what is the main event   as well as the consequences for the people involved.

Massive Food Fight at High School

6. To Kill a Mockingbird. Scout’s First Day.

click on the pic above to access the worksheet and answer the questions in exercise B.




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