Colonist and Native, who is the savage?

9 09 2013

1. Listen to the song and watch the images & make notes responding to the following prompts:

  • Three things you like about the video
  • Three things you don’t like or don’t fully understand.
  • Three questions you would ask if the singer were here.

It’s important to pick out specifics (individual words or phrases, images, even punctuation!) rather than giving vague responses such as “I like the atmosphere” or “I don’t like the style”. This activity encourages you to look critically at the way a song is made.

2. Watch these clips from The New World movie and make notes. Then, in pairs, say how they relate to the song.


Pure Love

3. Read this text and prepare ten questions to put to your mates. 

4. Find HERE more activities on the same subject.

5. The polarized stereotypes of Native Americans in this film reassert a long tradition of the noble/ignoble savage in American literature.



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